The Health Circulator


The Health Circulator is the absolute best, most stable, sturdy and physically beneficial and let’s not forget “therapeutic” trampoline on the market today. For further information and studies click here.

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Limited Time Offer! Get a Free 4oz spray bottle of Dr. Gail’s Magionic Silver Water

Living life to your fullest is really about being happy (I know I know…but as much as possible), free and in good health with loving supportive friends and family around you.

One of the most important and easiest ways to be healthy, happy and have fun while doing it is by bouncing and exercising….like you did when you were a kid! The way to do this is on a “well made and good quality” trampoline that is responsive yet not hard or abusive on the body.


The Health Circulator is just that device. It is the absolute best, most stable, sturdy and physically beneficial and let’s not forget “therapeutic” trampoline on the market today.


I have used it myself and with my clients and we all agree that this therapeutic trampoline is amazing, effective and a most have. Made by the Amish in Pennsylvania, the Health Circulator is so well designed and built that we promise you will have endless hours (and years) of use and fun with it without any concern of breakdown or lack of responsiveness. You will quickly see improved blood and lymph circulation, improved immunity, decreased edema, weight loss and strengthening of muscles and joints without causing harm to the body and pain in the joints. Not to mention fun as it appears to make you feel more positive and improve your overall mood, during and after bouncing. Try it out and see for yourself!

Each order comes with:

The Health Circulator
Free Magionic Silver Water
Instructional CD for easy set up and use
Cleaning and Care Instructions


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