On another page we discussed our nebulizer and face mask kits and what they contained as well as how to use them. But now we must describe to you when and why you would want to choose to use these products. To start, we want to make it very clear to everyone, that Magionic Ionic Silver Solution can be used in many ways and for many reasons (situations, conditions etc.)

Magionic Ionic Silver Solution can be used both internally and externally. You can find these instructions on the Instructions Silver Solution Use link.


Externally means: On top of the skin (or topically), in/on the hair and scalp.


Internally means: In the nasal passages or sinuses (up the nose), under the tongue (bypassing the gastrointestinal tract), in the eyes, ears, down the throat (swallowed and going through the gastrointestinal tract), in the anus as well as vaginally and finally into the lungs and bronchials.


But how do you get the Silver Solution into the bronchial and lung regions of the body? The answer is easy, just atomize the Silver Solution into the lungs using a pump and nebulizer kit. The pump and kits are small and lightweight (hand held unit) and easy to travel with as well. The dispenser cup which contains the Silver Solution only holds about 1-2 tablespoons and that is more than enough to use per each treatment episode. Each treatment will only last for a few minutes (3-5minutes) and that is all until your next treatment time. Thus a full dispenser cup will probably provide you with many treatments overall, so you might not want to start with a full dispenser cup. It is suggested to start with only ½ of the cup filled..see the full line at the top of the dispenser cup. Since the cup is transparent and the Silver Solution is clear as well, please pay close attention when filling your cup prior to use.


It is suggested to drink the Silver Solution as well as nebulizing it into the bronchials and lungs when there is a suspected infection or congestion (or some other ongoing condition). In this way your are taking greater control over the problem by attacking it from another angle. Please remember that acute (sudden onset) conditions are easier to deal with and quickly eliminate compared to chronic (long term) illnesses. Therefore, increased intake and prolonged use of the Silver Solution is necessary for chronic conditions. (See Instructions for Silver Solution Use link).


Nebulizing the Silver Solution into the bronchials and lungs is easy and painless but may seem scary to some whom have never put an atomized liquid into this region before. It actually is quite natural and all you need to do is breath normally, starting with shallow breaths first and then graduating to the deeper regions of the lungs. You will be able to notice improved lighter and easier breathing immediately. You may experience a little cough initially until you become acclimated to the experience. If you know you have an infection and are experiencing a persistent cough or a productive cough (mucous) the Silver Solution will help with the infection as well as the decreasing the frequency of coughing over a period of time. If you are uncertain whether or not you have an infection in the lungs, you must look at mucous that is being produced (if any) in order to see what color or tint it may have (such as yellow, brown etc.). Any color other than clear is a problem and very possibly an infection. Many people have experienced immediate relief from coughing, as well as the infection causing the coughing by simply atomizing the Silver Solution with a nebulizer into the lungs. It is always advisable to contact a physician or a healthcare provider in either case or if condition persists.


Since everyone is different and has different immune systems and different “bugs”, no one is treated the same or equally. No one answer exists for everyone. Life is an experience and some say an experiment AND so is treating any particular person with any particular condition with any particular treatment. In other words, you must be your own experiment and you must take notes as to what your signs and symptoms are and what is and is not working for you. Also note that how much and in what way are you using any program, in order to make adjustments along the way. If you are noticing improvements, please don't stop...keep going until all symptoms are gone. Seek help if nothing you are doing for yourself is helping and the problem(s) persist.