Ionic Silver



What is it?

Natural Ionic Silver Water is very much like colloidal silver yet is much more effective due to its smaller (ion) size, thus making it much easier for the body to use. Silver itself has throughout history been well known for its healing and health benefits. As a matter of fact doctors used to give their patients silver years ago prior to the invent of the now well known “antibiotic”. The therapeutic effects of silver has been ignored and criticized by main stream medicine for well over 50 years as silver is not patentable. Silver is safe, gentle, effective, has no harmful side effects and does not promote the growth of yeast or fungus.

Dr. Gail's Magionic Natural Ionic Silver Solution is very much like colloidal silver but even better. Our Natural Ionic Silver Solution is better for many reasons. First of all, it looks (totally clear), smells (like water), tastes like regular water (non metallic). This is important because dark colored, metallic tasting and smelling colloidal silver makes it difficult to drink (or smell) thus use due to the offensive metallic flavor/taste.

The reason our product is completely clear is because it is ionic. Since colloids are a larger particle size, those larger particles turn the water brown, make it taste, and smell bad. Thus, once inside the body, are more difficult to assimilate (absorb or bio-available) into the cell(s), thus less effective (both wasteful and costly) and in some cases will cause argyria (aka blue man syndrome).

It does not take much of Magionic Natural Ionic Silver Solution to get good results and benefits. Our Natural Ionic Silver Solution is a natural mineral supplement that improves overall health and well-being.

For thousands of years silver (and other transitional metals, ie. gold, copper) has been used all over the world as a helpful healing solution. Many decades ago, colloidal silver (especially in the United States) was known as and used by regular mainstream medicine as a much needed source of help with disease-causing pathogens. Now, in this more recent era, it is ionic silver that shines above it all and comes to the rescue. Going deeper, more quickly, while using less and with better effects therapeutically and energetically than ever before.

When God created the earth, he created silver and created silver to be one of man's greatest healing gifts for all of mankind (and animal kind). Take advantage of this wonderful gift prepared for you with an amazing advanced technology, absolutely providing the most powerful ionic silver and at a very reasonable cost. We know you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and quick results of Magionic Natural Ionic Silver Solution.

We here at manufacture and distribute 99.9% pure fine Ionic Silver Water Solution and other products for both internal and external use. The uses for Ionic Silver Solution are unlimited. Please take a moment to look through our website to learn about the vast history of silver water and how it has previously been used.

We hope that once you try our products, you will be as pleased as our existing customers are with the results (see testimonials). We here at would love to hear from you regarding your experiences and feelings about our products. We would appreciate your testimonials, so please feel free to send us your personal story regarding our Magionic Natural Ionic Silver Solution and other products....we will be happy to post your comments and experiences up on our website. We appreciate your business as well as your thoughts.





yeast systemic
food poisoning



eyes and ears
nasal passages and sinuses
cold sores and sore throat
poison oak, ivy and rashes
cuts, scratches, burns and bites
athletes foot/oral (thrush) and vaginal yeast infections
shingles rashes


The amount and method of application of silver for many of these conditions depends upon whether the infection is localized, as in an ear or eye infection or systemic, as in the flu, fever or EB virus. Localized infections are generally easier to treat than systemic infections because the colloidal silver can be applied directly to the infectious organism (i.e. poured into the ear canal, sprayed or dropped into the eyes, sprayed or dropped into the sinuses, vaporized into the bronchioles and lungs). With systemic infections, including fevers, herpes and hepatitis, the amount of silver used and the length of time for treatment will have to be determined by the severity of the infection, age, weight and overall health level. Silver users will do best to rely on labels combined with information provided in the site (see dosage) as well as information from other sources and direct personal “clinical” experiences. Some call this your own personal experiment.

In general, it seems that the effective and safe use of ionic silver in the treatment of dozens of common infectious disorders is only limited by the individual's imagination and creativity.



We manufacture and distribute pure fine Ionic Silver Water and other products for both internal and external use. The uses for Ionic Silver Solution are unlimited. Please take a moment to look through our website to learn about the vast history of silver water and how it has previously been used.

We hope that once you try our products, you will be as pleased as our existing customers are with the results (see testimonials). We would appreciate your testimonials, so please feel free to send us your personal story regarding our Magionic Natural Ionic Silver Solution and other products, so your comments and experiences can be posted on our website.

We utilize an electrolytic (electrolysis) technology as our process for producing ionic silver water. Using purified steam distilled water and .999 pure silver with this process we generate a positively charged silver ion product. With positively charged ion silver as being the most effective silver available. Furthermore, we have utilized a proprietary process of energizing and charging the silver water giving it an even higher UEU (universal energy units). This process we have found charges the silver water for a minimum of 6 years to infinity. Our silver averages at 5 PPM and can be made to go to 10 PPM but it is not necessary to go to those higher values as 5 PPM of this type of positively charged ionic silver is sufficient to do its job, as our research has found. With our higher conductivity and more alkalizing pH, the higher PPM values are even less necessary.

Magionic Natural Ionic Silver Solution does not require special tinted bottles so as to avoid sunlight as it is not affected negatively by the sun or any light source. Furthermore, National Ionic Silver Solution can be chilled (or frozen) or the opposite-heated without destroying it. Please remember that many plastic and all glass bottles cannot contain the expansion of freezing of any liquid without cracking or breaking in the process. Please do not dilute the silver solution at any time as it is a concentrate and diluting it could alter its effect and lessen the benefits.

Additionally, we hyper charge our Magionic Natural Ionic Silver Solution after production with various technologies giving it greatly elevated vibrational qualities which are not available with other silver products on the market.





Magionic NISS is a totally clear liquid in appearance much like water. There are no dark particles, flakes nor is the liquid silver overall dark in color. Ionic products should not ever appear as dark, brown, tan as there would be little to no colloid (large particles) floating about, and thus eventually (over time) settling to the bottom of the bottle.



Magionic NISS has absolutely no taste. It essentially taste like regular drinking water and since we use steam distilled water in our process, there is no chlorine or fluoride or for that matter any other chemicals in Magionic NISS either. Sometimes we find that people who are real sensitive say that it has a very slight metallic aftertaste, but they consider it a slight and temporary experience and have no real complaints about it.


Product Storage:

Magionic NISS requires no elimination of light (or storing in cool dark places such as tinted bottles or cabinets), refrigeration or any temperature regulation before, during or after opening.

Magionic NISS has an unlimited shelf life as well as no settling of large, heavy, dark particles at the bottom of the container ever. We do use a high density plastic container to hold the silver solution in so as to avoid the out gassing that can occur with thin, clear plastic bottles or bottles that are easy to crush, but after many years a slight plastic taste may then become apparent. If you are planning to keep the Magionic product for that many years you may want to contact us and we will send you out a new container for a small fee or you can find a similar container in a store or online yourself. But we suggest that you get your monies worth and use all of the product up within a year’s time and begin getting the benefits of the Magionic NISS sooner rather than later.


Product Safety:

  • Our Magionic Natural Ionic Silver Solution (Magionic NISS) will not and cannot cause argyria. Argyria is a bluish discoloration of the skin caused by some poorly/cheaply prepared colloidal silver products.
  • Our Magionic NISS contains only pure steam distilled water and pure silver.
  • There are NO adverse side effects ever reported using NISS or ionic silver in general.
  • Unlimited intake of our Magionic NISS causes no harmful health or wellness effects.
  • Can be taken both internally and externally.
  • Safe to use with animals. If it looks and smells bad (like chemicals) or is deemed as dangerous, animals will not drink it.
  • Does not interfere or interact or behave synergistically with any pharmaceutical medications. Therefore, one does not have to alter or stop any current medical treatment program.
  • Contains no protein additives.
  • Contain no chemicals or dyes.
  • Is completely NON-TOXIC.
  • Is non-caloric.



Allergic reaction from other:

Our experience is that Magionic NISS helps people who have allergy issues improve. This is not only an internal phenomenon but also allergic reactions externally to things such as poison ivy/oak etc. on the skin do much better. We see amazing results to rashes, burns and many types of allergic skin reactions using our Magionic NISS. Many say they see and feel the effects instantly and the problem goes away completely - very quickly.


Silver (or metal) allergies:

It is extremely rare too see or hear of someone being allergic to any form of metal but particularly silver, as it is not a toxic heavy metal such as mercury. But if someone was truly allergic to silver (Ag) then they would be unable to eat food using real silverware or wear any silver jewelry without a reaction. To see if you have a silver sensitivity or allergy, simply place one or two drops of Magionic NISS anywhere on your hand in order to see if there is a reaction. If you were sensitive or allergic to silver, a reaction would look like a slight redness or itchiness near the spot you tested. If this occurs then simply flush the area with water to rinse the silver off. No permanent mark will be left.


Historical and current use:

Although reports on the use of colloidal/ionic silver have spanned the past 110+ years, research relating to its recent past (30-50 years) use is limited. Don't get me wrong, a lot of studies, articles and books have been written on the topic, but the public awareness and knowledge of its capabilities has been relatively limited. However, in the last 20 years or so much research as well as reporting of its use and benefits has greatly increased. This may be as a result of the internet as well as a growing number of physicians, dentists, veterinarians, nutritionists and satisfied users expounding on its numerous uses and benefits. The word is finally getting out there.

This information in no way “proves” either colloidal or ionic silver “cures” infectious disorders or disease, and this claim should not ever be made by any reputable silver manufacturer or their representatives. But silver does have tremendous antimicrobial power. The history of safe and successful silver use is now extensive and the number of current health professionals and individuals that have successfully used colloidal and ionic silver to reduce the length and severity of infectious disorders is growing exponentially.





The typical recommended maintenance dosage of Magionic NISS is 1 ounce (or 2 tablespoons) per treatment. Many people take our silver as part of their daily supplement routine. Taking just 1 ounce of Magionic NISS everyday is what many people have found they want to do in order to stay healthy, feel good and prevent unwanted opportunistic “bugs” from slowing them down.

Magionic NISS helps to strengthen and enhance the body's immune system, so not everyone may need to take a daily dosage. The following is a description on the various ways to take Magionic NISS. We hope you find these treatment suggestions helpful.




Maintenance: 1 ounce per day on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning is preferable to get you started on your day. Since not everyone wants or needs to take 1 ounce per day, then taking 1 ounce every other or every 3 days is still a good option.


Acute problems: Acute problems are issues or symptoms that come on suddenly (sharply) and need to be attended to quickly and efficiently. These problems tend to

to get our immediate attention due to their sudden and dramatic onset, level or intensity of pain (discomfort) or other annoying and potentially dangerous symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Consequently, things such as food poisoning, internal irritations, sun burn, injuries such as cuts, scratches, wounds, colds, and flu symptoms that have just begun, would be considered acute and utilizing Magionic NISS in the following way would be recommended.


Day 1 symptoms begin-start treatment:
To start off with take 4 ounces all together at one time to start your day/program off. Take 3-5 ounces of Magionic NISS per day with 1 ounce taken every 45 minute to an hour until completion of the initial 3-5 ounces. Please keep in mind you cannot over do the silver. It is not about the quantity that you take rather the frequency in which you take it. Repeat this program throughout the day for several days, then decrease the dosage to 2-4 ounces per day for a few more days. Then after running that program, see if your symptoms are resolving or if they have completely disappeared, if so, then you can begin a 1 ounce daily maintenance dose until you feel you no longer need to take it. Remember that you can always spray some under the tongue as well.


Chronic problems:

Chronic problems mean health problems that have been on going for a prolonged period of time and are not resolving either on their own or with a standard supervised treatment program. In this scenario it is suggested to go after the problem with a strong and steady program for a prolonged period of time. In this case the following program using Magionic NISS is recommended.

Day 1 begin treatment program: As in the acute problems section, we suggest you start off with 4 ounces all together at one time to start the day/program off. Following up with 4-6 ounces per day, taking 1 ounce every 45 minutes to an hour throughout the day. Keep this program going every day for 4 weeks (for more stubborn cases). After seeing positive results, you can begin to lower the dosage to 3-5 ounces per day. Although some people have chosen to stay on the higher dosage wanting the problem to resolve quicker, but that would be your personal choice. Stay on the 3-5 ounces per day program for another month and then you can begin to go down to 2-4 ounces per day for the 3rd month. Always take your treatments 45 minutes or so apart. The hope and plan is to be able to get down to 1 or 2 ounces per day. Remember that you can always spray some under the tongue as well.

Please keep in mind you cannot over do the silver. It is not about the quantity that you take rather the frequency in which you take it.

Furthermore, we recommend detoxification therapies, hyper-hydration, diet change and alkaline water consumption as part of your overall path back to wellness. It is important that you consult your health practitioner as you go.

Please keep in mind that this program is for difficult, long-term “stubborn” problems and going down to a single ounce per day program may take some time, but you will see and feel the improvements throughout the course. Sometimes with some very serious chronic cases it is neither advisable to lower dosages to maintenance or to stop taking the silver as the body needs the support. Here you must be your own guide and perform your own personal experiment.

Everyone is different, has different problems and at varying levels of difficulty and with different levels of sensitivity/tolerances. What one person needs (ounces per day for a certain length of time) may not be what another needs with the same problem. Be aware of how you feel and proceed from there.

We wish all of you the best on your path to better health and wellness. Success is truly all of our goals.



Ionic silver water has the proven ability to cause the DNA of stem cells to dedifferentiate or revert back to the basic form of stem cells (See The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker M.D.) Normally, once DNA has expressed a gene pattern, it cannot return to its undifferentiated state, so once a cell is patterned as a skin, or a nerve cell, it cannot morph to another cell type.

When you apply ionic silver in solution to a burn or to an injury, the stem cells that are present, will dedifferentiate to form skin, nerve or any other cell pattern needed to completely heal the injury. Without this process, only scar tissue will form.

The simple fact is that using ionic silver in solution on a fresh injury, and keeping the injury site wet, with the ionic solution, until it heals, has proven effective in promoting healing without scarring. Burns, even 3rd degree burns, can heal without scarring when silver ions are present. Many burn units currently use silver ion treatment, including newer products such as dressings, which contain embedded silver ions.



Now we are getting into an area that is not nearly as clear cut as some of the previous information. That ionic silver water does kill microbes and disable viruses is a fact, but how it does all of that, is a topic that some experts still dispute. The following is a list of some of the theories:


1. Silver particles are an oxidizing catalyst, and as such oxidize pathogens thus killing them.

2. Silver interferes with the microbe's respiration.

3. Silver ties up or disables the sulfur in the microbe.

4. Silver short out the electrostatic fields in the cell.


Most of the above would not apply to viruses though. Instead the possibilities for disabling viruses are:

1. Silver particles are an oxidizing catalyst and oxidize the virus thus killing it.

2. Silver causes the virus DNA or RNA to revert back to being undifferentiated, and without the proper expression for that host is thus disabled.

3. Silver repairs the broken (segment of) DNA of a virus, making it complete, but no longer a functional virus which by design has an incomplete DNA.


**In other words, silver repairs the DNA segment damaged by the virus insertion, making it no longer a virus that can replicate thus disabling it and preventing it from doing any future damage to the cell and eventually the body.

**much of the above statement was a taken from research performed by Marshall Dudley.



Silver water on top of everything else it does, gives accelerated healing and a boost to the immune system. When you ingest ionic silver at say, 5 ppm, your body will then circulate the silver, which will enable cell division to revert back to a primitive state. It is during this process where a new cell is created and then splits. It is this process that creates one (1) individual and organ or body tissue specific cell and one cell which is a floater. The floater cell is able to travel to where repair is required. It morphs into that body part cell to aid in repair...much like stem cells do.


How Silver Ions Work to Inhibit the Reproduction of the Microbe:
More simple explanation:

1. Silver ions attach to proteins on the microbe’s cell wall and destroy it allowing for the silver ions to break into the cell’s cytoplasm (cells interior).

2. Once inside the cell, the silver ions attach to and attack the DNA of the microbe.

3. Silver ions then disrupt and quickly terminate the respiration of the microbe.

4. Microbe death occurs.


More detailed and technical explanation:

Mode of action 1: Silver ions combine with bacterial proteins.

Silver ions combine with bacterial proteins located in the cell wall and cytoplasm which interferes with their normal functioning. These proteins are vital for the healthy functioning of the cell so loss of their functioning results in the death of the bacteria.

Mode of action 2: Silver ions promote formation of reactive oxygen species.

Silver ions are known to promote the formation of harmful chemicals called reactive oxygen species (ROCs) inside bacterial cells. ROCs are harmful to living cells because they cause significant damage to cell structures. Damage caused by ROCs results in the cell's death.

Mode of action 3: Silver ions interfere with DNA replication.

Silver ions are also known to interfere with the way bacteria copy their genetic material or DNA. Bacteria, like most living cells, have to make copies of their DNA when they reproduce to make new cells. Silver ions stop the bacteria being able to replicate by blocking the copying of their genetic material. Importantly, a non-replicating population of bacteria won't increase in size because the cells that die are not replaced by new ones. Eventually the population of bacteria disappears.




Undifferentiated – having no special structure or function: primitive: embryonic.

Dedifferentiated – regression of a specialized cell or tissue to a simpler unspecialized form or state.

Differentiated – the acquisition or possession of a character or function different from that of the original type. Also known as specialization.




We use the term “EIS” in order to help distinguish the differences between different silver formulations (products) that are and/or have been available out in the marketplace. As a matter of scientific fact, EIS products are much more effective, respond more quickly once consumed, are more advanced and overall safer to use than other products.

Electrically Isolated Silver (EIS) refers to silver formulations containing only silver ions (Ag+) and minute silver particles (with Zeta potential), suspended (or dissolved) in pure distilled water (H2O). EIS is usually crystal clear, displays a tyndal effect and has a silver concentration between 3 and 26 PPM.

Some particulate silver colloids are light brown in color. They qualify as being classified “EIS” only as long as no silver settles to the bottom (which indicates that one does not have a stable colloid).

Some EIS formulations are light yellow, due to the refraction of light off of larger silver particles held in suspension. These formulations are less effective, but still qualify as EIS products.

As a theoretical concept, EIS is a product that contains only silver, hydrogen and oxygen.


EIS Includes:

*Isolated silver products made via electrolysis in stream in distilled water (with a pH between 6.5 – 9.0)

*True silver colloids made via chemical processing, containing electrically isolated and suspended particles (with a pH between 6.5 – 9.0)

*Silver particles and colloids made with laser technology, via the use of ultra-short laser pulses or laser irradiation.

*Silver crystals made up of silver and oxygen atoms (silver and oxygen complexes), provided the silver is near neutral (exotic crystal formations occur most often with the high voltage alternating current method of production).

The term EIS was created to provide a definition that set oligodynamic silver formulations apart from high concentration silver compounds, such as mild silver protein, silver citrate, and other complexed or stabilized organic and inorganic silver molecules.

Experimentation done at UCLA demonstrates that silver has a frequency that can be replicated to effect the same antibacterial qualities that silver ions demonstrate in laboratory time kill tests. Electrically Isolated Silver, in formulations that include a highly ionic content or a highly particulate content (picoscalar), have not only proven to be more effective by direct in-vitro analysis compared to any stabilized silver compound, but EIS formulations maintain the unique “electromagnetic silver signature” of oligodynamic silver.



Oligodynamic – active or effective in very small quantities, as certain germicides or heavy metal toxins.

Tyndal effect – the occurrence of visible floating particles in gases or liquids that are illuminated by a ray of sunlight and are viewed at right angles to the illuminating ray.

Zeta potential - is a scientific term for electrokinetic potential in colloidal chemistry literature, is the electric potential in the interfacial double layer (DL) at the location of the slipping plane relative to a point in the bulk fluid away from the interface. In other words, it is the potential difference between the dispersion medium and the stationary layer of fluid attached to the dispersed particle. It is a key indicator of the stability of colloidal dispersion's.



This section has been researched and written to help explain the question and thus concern as to whether silver in any form is a heavy metal and thus possibly inherently dangerous to the human being. The question is silver a heavy metal and thus to be considered dangerous is a difficult question to answer, more than one would first think. So we must begin with explaining what is a heavy metal (but even this turned out to be a difficult question to answer). To start with there is NO consensus on a scientifically valid definition of what is a heavy metal. “There is a tendency, which is unsupported by the facts, to assume that all so-called “heavy metals” and their compounds have highly toxic or ecotoxic properties. This has no basis in chemical or toxicological data. Thus, the term “heavy metals” is both meaningless and misleading.”1

Certain groups of people try to classify silver as a heavy metal such as cadmium and mercury, in order to promote fear mongering regarding the use of silver in medicine. There is NO scientific research or proof of any medically significant basis to classify silver as a “heavy metal”. There is NO relationship between density and any reactive properties associated with metals, or any other element in the periodic table. Heavy metals were redefined based on a gram atomic weight, and also by the atomic number on the periodic table. By some of these “official” definitions of what a “heavy metal” is, both Magnesium and Potassium are classified as heavy metals. For those of you who do not know this, Magnesium and Potassium are naturally found or occurring in the human body and are critical minerals necessary for our survival.

The most widely used toxicology reference, Casarett and Doull's Toxicology, never uses the term “heavy metal”, but only references toxic metals. This is most likely due to the fact that the term “heavy metal” classification, in any historical or modern form, lacks scientific validity.

A few thoughts by Stephen J. Hawkes of Oregon State University, Department of Chemistry, demonstrates an interesting perspective, is quoted below:2

“The metals that I have seen referred to as heavy metals comprise a block of all the metals in Groups 3 to 16 that are in periods 4 and greater. This seems to be a definition that should be generally useful. It may also be stated as the transition and post-transition metals. These acquired the names heavy metals because they all have high densities, but the usefulness of the term is related to their chemistry, not their density. It is not necessary to decide whether semi-metals should be included as heavy metals, which is unfortunate, since it is unlikely that any decision would generally be agreeable.”

From a chemical standpoint, the above definition is satisfactory. However, it is clear that this definition of ”heavy metal” may not in any way be related with suspected toxicity, but has meaning only pertaining to specific chemical properties.



Silver (Ag+) is regarded as a metal, which is widely known and accepted today as a transitional element within the periodic table. It is listed 47th in the entire table and in the 11th column (family) under the section known as the transitional metals along with Copper and Gold. In fluids, silver can exist in four different forms – as a compound, a neutral particle (as in ground silver), a negatively charged aggregate (particle), and a positively charged ion. So, the question remains is silver a heavy metal or not? Silver viewed medically, does not share the toxicology associated with what are commonly described as heavy metals and technically referred to as “toxic metals” such as mercury, cadmium arsenic and lead. Legally, the definition of what is or is not a heavy metal varies depending on which regulatory agency one queries. According to the insurance company known as SIGNA, their medical qualification documents reveal that they do not consider silver to be a heavy metal. Not to mention that allopathic medicine has in the past used colloidal silver (before the advent of patentable drugs known as anti-biotics) and does today use silver impregnated materials for use in wound and burn care at an ever increasing rate. Certainly the medical community would not ever utilize a product (such as silver) if they deemed it as toxic, dangerous and potentially harmful to its patients. In addition to the fact, the medical community would certainly not use any product if they did not believe that it didn't work on some level. In this last case, the silver material which is placed topically on the skin to prevent infection and help heal the skin, is placed directly on top of the skin (or in many cases on open damaged tissue where there is no skin at all) and as we all know by now, the skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs everything into it and eventually into the body as a whole. Let's also mention here that Samsung has created a front loading washing machine which releases silver ions into the wash via an electrical process. Certainly they would not have gotten a patent on this technology if the FDA believed that it would poison the drinking water or water tables around the country.

The term heavy metal is not truly a scientific term, and there has never been consensus on the meaning of this term in the scientific community. Classification of “heavy metal” has never been scientifically based on any actual quality associated with any element, although many adaptations to the periodic table have been attempted.

There is no basis from a biological standpoint, a chemical standpoint, or any other scientifically demonstrable standpoint including any medical significance that would suggest any significant meaning for the term “heavy metal” as applied to silver or any other metal. Finally, we suggest that since silver does not pose any health risks such as toxic metals do, it explains why there is no regulatory agency in the world which claims that it is toxic for human consumption and thus regulates or bans it. We here at would like to thank GOD for creating this wondering and amazing transitional element so that we all could benefit from all of her glorious properties and capabilities.



1. John H. Duffus, The Edinburgh Centre for Toxicology, Scotland, “Pure and Applied Chemistry” 74, 793-807.

2. Stephen J. Hawkes of Oregon State University, Department of Chemistry: quote.

3. Health Freedom News, Vol. 24, No. 3 (Summer 2006) pg. 22+ Artcle written about Ionic Silver by Dr. Herbert Slavin MD. The National Health Federation (

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Precious metal

Coinage (Money/Exchange/Trade)-(Has been coined since 700 BC)


Solar panels

Cellular phones


Dental alloys


Medicinal Bandages (It is well established that wound dressing used by medicine today contain silver).

Eating utensils (knives, forks and spoons-silverware)


Water Operation

Electrical Contacts and conductors

Printed Circuit Boards


Antimicrobial Properties

Mirrors (backing)


Food Decorator (Known as Varak in India)


Medicinal Uses- Hippocrates wrote that Ag-silver had healing power.

During WW1 Silver compounds were used since

medicines were not yet invented. It was used to prevent

infection during the war. Silver was not used to prevent

infection after the invent of antibiotics as a medicine for




The name silver originates from the old english anglo-saxon word “sedfor” meaning silver. The symbol for silver (Ag) gets its origin from the latin word “argentum”. Silver was discovered in ancient times and used by the ancient South Americans, Asians, Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, Romans, and Chinese.

Since ancient times (way way back when), silver has been closely associated the moon and lunar influences. The finest artists have described the midnight sheen cast by the sun's reflection off of the moon in terms of silver. Silver is a cool color and stands as a diametric opposite to gold. Silver is closely tied to Isis (in Greek Mythology) and all things flexible, creative and emotionally intelligent.

In alchemy, silver is an archetype concepts – one of seven. Before the periodic table emerged through the technological advancement, there were in fact seven sacred metals, of which silver held a place of high esteem. In hermetic philosophy, an alchemical concept more than simply describes physical characteristics. All ideas were centered on discovering and utilizing the essence behind the material manifestation, with the goal of expressing in absolute terms primary principles governing both time and matter. Practitioners of the past were as much poets as scientists and possessed unparalleled patience in the works.

Silver is even attributed in the ancient chakra system – a system of seven sacred energy centers of the body. Silver is associated with the sixth chakra specifically, which refers to the “third eye”. In this sense, silver certainly represents the concept of reflection, both physically (all reflective substances are silvery) and as an internal exercise of self-analysis.

Silver has always held a value above material and economic considerations. Gifts of silver jewelry in many cultures are given as a symbol of trust, truth, excellence, wisdom and love.

Even the ancient Vedas expound on the intrinsic power of silver. Within the Ayurvedic system of thought, all illness is related or rooted in an imbalance in the human energy system, and pure metals in precise combinations are used to help restore the body's electromagnetic balance to a state of equilibrium. Medically, silver was known to be a liver and spleen detoxifier.

In Roman and Greek Mythology, the First Age was called Golden (in ancient India the Vedas describe 4 seasons known as Yugas and the first season is Satya Yuga...which Edgar Cayce termed “The Golden Era” or “The Era of No Evil” for which we are about it is said to enter back into), the second Silver. Apollo, the God of truth and light, teacher of medicine, carried a silver bow. His twin sister Artemis lost a hand in battle and later was given a silver replacement by the Irish god of healing. In the Shamanic religion of Bon-Pro, a special river filled with silver sands is said to make anyone who drinks the water lovely as a peacock.

Islamic alchemy gives an important place physically and conceptually. Silver was known as one of the seven sacred bodies. Alchemical procedures were even defined in terms of silver, i.e. the silvering of other metals: the act of giving other metals silver-like qualities.

In other alchemical texts, silver is closely related to a process known as metal whitening and specific procedures are followed to transform metals until they reach a state of color described as a blend of all colors – silvery. A related yellowing process refers to turning silver into gold, which is nothing more or less than taking something back to an original or purified state.

Based on evidence found on islands in the Aegean Sea, mankind has practiced the science of separating silver from lead at least as far back as 3000 BC. Advances in technology and analytical methods since that time have brought us to extreme pinnacles in a chemical understanding of silver as both a metal and an element.

Silver bromide and other silver-halide salts are used extensively in the field of photography. Various alloys have long been used for jewelry. Silver is an excellent conductor (as well as incredibly flexible) of both heat and electricity and therefore used extensively for electrical applications. Up until the 1930's, silver compounds were used as a normal part of medicine, silver nitrate being the prevalent form. Silver Iodide was used in babies' eyes upon birth to prevent blinding as the result of bacterial contamination.

There was 1,740,000 metric tons of silver (Ag) discovered in the world up to the year 2007. Silver is even mentioned in the Holy Bible in the book of Genesis.


Silver is a white, lustrous transition element discovered about 5000 years ago. It has the chemical symbol of Ag, which stands for Argent um in Latin. It has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all elements. It occurs naturally as a pure, free metal: and it tarnishes when exposed to Ozone (O3) or Hydrogen (H) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). It is easy to shape without it being deformed and will cut easily. Silver is a solid metal at room temperature. Silver is easy to shape without it being deformed, and cuts easily. It is a solid metal at room temperature.

Below is information about the precious metal silver (Ag) as it relates to and is found in the periodic table. It can be found on the table in Period 5, Group 11.

The following is an interesting list of chemistry facts on the transitional metal silver.



Name of element: Silver

Symbol of Element: Ag+

Atomic Number of Silver: 47

Atomic Mass: 107.8682 amu

Melting Point: 961.93 degrees Celsius or 1235.08 degrees Kelvin

Boiling Point: 2212.0 degrees Celsius or 2485.15 degrees Kelvin

Number of Protons/Electrons in silver: 47

Number of Neutrons in silver: 61

Crystal Structure: Cubic

Density @ 293K : 10.5 grams/cm3

Color of silver: Lustrous white – silver


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*Silver is the only element with the highest optical reflectivity of any metal. It is known

to be one of the first metals known to man, and it will tarnish when mixed with


*Silver is so malleable that it can be pounded to a thinness of 6/10000 of a millimeter.

Because silver is so ductile, a single ounce can be stretched into a wire over 48 km long.

*Silver comes from igneous and sedimentary rocks.

*Silver Iodide is used to make clouds produce rain.

*Silver appears in the following minerals:

billings leyite, -boleite, -bordosite, -crookosite, -fischesserite, -huantajaqite, - jalpaite, -laffittite.

*The element silver is heavier than gold. Thin layers of silver placed between

transparent layers enables light to pass through it.

Silver is used to represent the 25th wedding anniversary. In ancient China jewelry (necklaces) were made of silver and placed around children's necks, in hopes of warding off evil spirits. There is no other word in the English language that rhymes with silver other than the word chilver.



Argyria: from the Greek language ἄργυρος argyros. Argyria is a non-permanent discoloration of the skin due to silver deposits upon excessive ingestion of elemental, silver dust or silver compounds. The most dramatic symptom of argyria is that the becomes blue or bluish-grey colored. It can be caused by ingestion of large amounts of poor quality, large particle sized colloid silver solutions over an extended period of time. No detrimental health effects from Argyria have ever been reported. Argyria has never been reported from pure ionic silver free of proteins or other stabilizers. Argyria can be reversed and thus is not a permanent condition.


Internet Sensation 'Papa Smurf' Dies; Other Blue People Live On

The most famous "blue man" -- known as "Papa Smurf" -- has died.

Paul Karason was born a fair-skinned, freckled boy with reddish blond hair. But later, he developed skin with a bluish tinge against his shock of white hair, the result of a rare medical syndrome known as argyria or silver poisoning from dietary supplements.

Karason died at the age of 62 this week after being treated for pneumonia at a Washington hospital after having suffered a heart attack. He'd also previously had a severe stroke, his estranged wife Jo Anna Karason told NBC's Today. interviewed Karason in 2008. At the time he lived in Oregon. He said the blue tinge had started more than a decade before that when he saw an ad in a new-age magazine promising health and rejuvenation through colloidal silver. He drank about 10 ounces a day of the home-brew that he dissolved in water.

Paul Karason Hailed as a Medical Mystery

Karason said he hadn't even realized his skin had turned a shade of blue until an old friend came to visit.

"And he looks at me and he says, 'What have you got on your face?' 'I don't have anything on my face!'" Karason said. "He says, 'Well, it looks like you've got camouflage makeup on or something.' And by golly, he came in and he was very fair-skinned, as I used to be. And that's when it hit me."

In those first months, he didn't notice a change in his skin color. But there were changes in his health.

"The acid reflux problem I'd been having just went away completely," he said. "I had arthritis in my shoulders so bad I couldn't pull a T-shirt off. And the next thing I knew, it was just gone."

As for whether it was the colloidal silver that had cured him, Karason said, "there's not the slightest doubt in my mind." As recently as the 1950s, colloidal silver was a common remedy for colds and allergies.

Fugates of Kentucky Had Skin 'Bluer Than Lake Louise

Karason became an Internet sensation, as were many others who have blue-shaded skin. The most notorious -- the Blue Fugates of Kentucky -- lived in an isolated pocket of Appalachia, passing down a recessive gene that turned their skin blue. Doctors don't see much of the rare blood disorder today.

Their ancestral line began six generations earlier with a French orphan, Martin Fugate, who settled in Eastern Kentucky.

Then there was Kerry Green , a "blue baby" born in 1964 in Tulsa, Okla. His family was given little hope that he would live because of a malformed aorta. But by 3 years old and several heart surgeries later, Green was being described by doctors as a "miracle child," small for his age at 23 pounds, but a "real live wire."

What doctors didn't know then was that the boy had a more serious underlying condition, a rare blood condition called methemoglobinemia -- the same disorder that affected the Blue Fugates of Kentucky.

"I was picked on as a kid in elementary school because I am blue," said Green. "I look dead. My lips are purple and my fingernails and toes are dark."

At the time, Green lived in Seattle and was disabled, but he said he believed finding a genetic connection to the Fugates might help him learn more about the father he never knew.

"I am positive my father had the condition," said Green. "I did see one kind of blurry picture of him and you could almost see it. He's got the pale look I do."

Bob Green, who would be about 74, had been a long-haul truck driver with relatives who had migrated west from Tennessee.

A sister was put up for adoption and Green doesn't know the whereabouts of two brothers. His mother wandered in and out of his life and he was raised by his grandparents.

"I just want to know where I came from and to know that side of my family history," said Green. "It's hard to describe and it's kind of weird not knowing where the condition of mine came from. People have pointed out the Fugates to me before."

In the 1980s and 1990s, those mountain people dispersed, and the family gene pool became much more diverse. Other relatives, perhaps like Green's paternal relatives, scattered throughout Virginia and Arkansas.

Even today, "you almost never see a patient with it," said Dr. Ayalew Tefferi, a hematologist from Minnesota's Mayo Clinic. "It's a disease that one learns about in medical school and it's infrequent enough to be on every exam in hematology."

In the mildest form, methemoglobinemia causes no harm, and most of the Fugates lived well into their 80s. But in Green's case, his body is starved of oxygen and every organ is affected.

Methemoglobinemia is a blood disorder in which an abnormal amount of methemoglobin -- a form of hemoglobin -- is produced. Methemoglobin cannot effectively release oxygen.

Hemoglobin is responsible for distributing oxygen to the body and without oxygen, the heart, brain and muscles can die.

"I don't breathe very well," said Green. "The red blood cells don't give me enough oxygen."

Green's condition was such an anomaly that hematologists at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston paid for him to fly East several years ago just to study him.

Most of what is known about methemoglobinemia comes from one doctor's study of the Fugate ancestry in the early 1960s. Dr. Madison Cawein III, a hematologist at the University of Kentucky's Lexington Medical Clinic, drew family charts and blood samples to better understand the genetic disorder.

The most detailed account, "Blue People of Troublesome Creek," was published in 1982 by the University of Indiana's Cathy Trost.

The last in the direct line of Fugates to inherit the gene was Benjamin "Benjy" Stacy, whose skin at birth was "as Blue as Lake Louise," according to doctors at the time. He now lives in Alaska, according to Facebook.

Green is not the only person to wonder if there is a genetic connection to the Blue Fugates.

Jennifer L. Adams Horsley of Hartford, Ind., told in 2012 that she is certain that her mother-in-law, Amanda Susan Parker Horsley, was descended from the family.

"She was from the upper regions of Kentucky," she said. "Her lips and nail beds were perpetually blue."

"They were like that almost all the time," said Horsley, 62, a retired nurse. "The color depended on when she got upset or was cold. It was so pronounced that everybody thought she was sick."

Parker died at 73 of liver cancer nine years ago, "So we may never know," said her daughter-in-law.

The family presumes that Parker's mother, Mary McCleese Parker, also had the condition. "My grandmother was blue," said Horsley's husband John H. Horsley. "Everyone thought it was real odd."

He grew up in Ohio, but his parents had met in Carter County, Kentucky. The Horsleys said they know of no other children or grandchildren who inherited the gene for methemoglobinemia.

"It was never diagnosed and doctors were baffled," said Jennifer Horsley. "I don't think they had even heard the name."

Methemoglobinemia may be passed down through families or can be caused by exposure to certain drugs, chemicals or foods.

In Green's case, the disorder was genetic and occurs when there is a problem with the enzyme called cytochrome b5 reductase.

In type one, the red blood cells lack the enzyme. In type 2 -- also called hemoglobin M disease -- the enzyme doesn't work anywhere in the body.

Green has M disease, which is caused by defects in the hemoglobin molecule itself and can be passed down from only one parent.

The disorder once saved his father's life, according to a story told by Green's mother. "A woman shot him five times and he didn't bleed out because his blood was so thick."

For that very reason, Green takes three different blood-thinning drugs to prevent blood clots and morphine for the pain.

"I have found a way to live around it the best I can," he said. "It's caused me a lot of emotional problems.

As for finding his father, "I would really like to know more about how he grew up with it and how he dealt with it. My father and I never met, but come to find out, we are a lot alike."