pH Products


What is pH?

What is pH?

pH stands for the potential of Hydrogen. It represents what the acid or base concentration is of an object (solid, liquid or gas).


What is the pH scale?

The pH scale runs along a continuum ranging from 0-14. Numbers ranging from 0-7 represent very acidic to neutral and 7-14 represents neutral to increasing alkalinity.


The human body and pH:

The human body requires a variety of pH values, specific to a particular region (or organ) for their specific functioning needs and the body as a whole. (ie. stomach fluids are 2.5 pH, saliva 7.0 pH, urine 7.0 pH and blood 7.4 pH) If these values are not maintained and the body becomes to acidic, then pain, discomfort, dis-ease and even death (in the final stages) can occur.


Why are alkaline pH drops important to me?

Acidity represents dis-ease, aches, pains and a variety of serious health conditions. So it is important to keep your body more alkaline. It takes 20 parts of alkalinity to neutralize 1 part of acidity. For example, if you drank 1 glass (8 oz. of soda, it will take 20 – 8 oz. glasses of alkaline water to neutralize the acidifying effects of the soda. The entire philosophy of anti-aging/reverse aging and the reversal of physical symptoms including dis-ease, is all centered on the concept of alkalizing of the body


The Magionic pH drops:

The Magionic pH drops have a pH of about 13 which once once diluted in water will lower the pH value slightly. Once the pH/H20 mixture is introduced into the body, it will begin to steadily bring up (alkalize) your entire body's pH. This effect is important as your health depends on your being alkaline. The alkaline water will now begin to detoxify the body by discharging all of the unwanted acids in your tissues and cells, through the body's normal elimination processes. Viruses, bacteria's, infections and disease conditions cannot survive in this alkalize environment. You will notice improved energy, clarity and a decrease in your aches and pains.