I was busy preparing for a family dinner when I smacked my leg into the corner of the dishwasher door. I must have hit a vein since it immediately blew up like a softball. I had no choice but to sit down and elevate my leg. I thought a trip to the emergency room was going to ruin the festivities. I then remembered the jar of Dr. Gail’s Magionic Gel. I alternated between ice and elevation along with the Gel for the next hour and was back on my feet again for dessert. For the next few days I used the Gel only and the swelling, pain and bruising quickly and almost immediately went away. The next best part of the story is that I got out of kitchen duty.

-Joann J. Tabernacle, NJ

In my teens I had regular bouts of acne and inflamed skin. In my twenties my skin was perfect. All of a sudden the 30’s hit and back again I went with acne problems. They were painful, red, bumpy and not to mention ugly, acne. Then I met Dr. Gail and tried her Magionic Gel. THIS GEL has changed my life. I now can wear summer dresses, go without makeup (because my skin is so fabulous) and wear a smile of confidence everywhere I go. I use it everyday for preventative and occasional “bumps” that can still occur (dietary/hormonal). I strongly recommend this product to everyone and anyone who has skin “issues”. There is nothing better I could recommend.

-Annette P. Philadelphia, Pa.

I cannot say enough about the benefits of the silver gel (w/lavender) I’ve been using. After being in the sun for several hours with protection, I still had burns on my nose. The gel quickly decreased the discomfort and my nose did not peel. I use it twice a day on my knees and elbows – areas that show signs of aging, and they are smoother than a baby’s bottom! I use it daily on old surgery scars and my feet – the scar have become almost invisible and my feet do not suffer from cracked skin and calluses that plague so many women – saves me money on the pedicures too!!! I’ve shared this gel secret with friends - can’t keep such a great product to myself!!!

-Kay B. Marlton, NJ

I had a wart/mole on my chest area. I had this wart/mole thing growing there for many years. Then I applied a small amount of the Magionic Gel for 2 weeks to 1 month and gradually the wart began to painlessly disappear. I am happy to say there is no trace of it today (now many months later). Thanks for creating this amazing product.

-Anne, R. Princeton, NJ

I was cooking at the stove and had a large pot with boiling water. I had grabbed a bottle of oil to put into a pan, the bottle of oil slipped from my hand and fell right into the boiling pot of water. This caused the boiling water to splash out of the pot and got me on my left forearm. Of course it hurt, but I just dried it off and continued cooking. It then became very painful and was burning very badly. The burns started to bubble / blister. I immediately grabbed the Magionic gel and put it on the burns. It instantly gave me a cooling sensation. Within in an hour I put some more gel on. All I can say is the next time I looked at my forearm the bubbles / blisters were gone. Don’t get me wrong I still had some pain, but the burn itself looked so much better. The burn was at this point a very bright red / pink. I again put some more of the Magionic gel on before going to bed. The next morning after showering I put more of the gel on and by the afternoon the burn was a pale pink and the pain had diminished greatly.

The Magionic gel is great! I firmly believe that if I had not put the gel on my arm it would have continued to bubble and blister. I also feel that the gel promoted faster healing. I don’t think the burn would have looked and felt as good as it did so soon if not for the Magionic gel. I am continuing to use it on the burn everyday and everyday it goes away more and more, and it does so faster than other methods I have used in the past.

This Magionic gel is great for a multitude of uses. I highly recommend Magionic gel and tell people about it all the time!

-Tammi S. Linwood, New Jersey

I love the Magionic Gel. I had a tick bite that looked like it was going to turn into cellulitis (a very severe infection). I had one a few years ago that did become infected and had to unfortunately go on antibiotics. So this time, I thought I would just try the Magionic Gel and see what it would/could do. At first it flared up and became really red. After using it twice a day for a couple of days it started to simmer down and it healed painlessly and easily…and no antibiotics were needed.

I also use it for my face. It keeps my skin smooth and radiant!

-Judy S. Galloway, NJ


Recently, I suffered a traumatic horse injury. In summary, I was riding an untrained horse (because I am a cowgirl at heart), the horse decided he no longer wanted to carry me. Before I knew it, the horse bucked me off; I hit a fence and then rolled under his feet where he scrambled not to step on me. I suffered multiple abrasions of the skin, primarily on my right side of my face where I landed from the fall. I also suffered multiple wounds on my back and neck from the horse’s hooves. Now, once I saw my injuries in the mirror, I was in tears. I went to Dr. Gail and kept sobbing, “I am going to scar, I am going to scar on my face!” Being someone that scars easily, I knew I would carry scars on my face forever. Gail reassured me, “You are not going to scar, just put this on 3 times a day or more and you will be healed completely in three days.” I agreed, purchased the crème and pretty much thought she was crazy because there was NO way my cuts would be gone in 3 days. When I told my classmates at University, they laughed at me and pretty much rolled their eyes. Well, that was day two. Remarkably, by day two my wounds developed a healthy scab, and by day three, the scab peeled off painlessly, like paper. Indeed in three days, my wounds were basically invisible and I did not scar on my face. However, I did scar on my back. I neglected these wounds because I could not reach them as well and was not diligent or proactive with Gail's Magic Crème (because at the time I thought I was going to scar anyway so it wouldn’t make a difference). Now, I regret not putting on Dr. Gail’s Magionic Gel because the wounds on my back still exist. This is my own fault because I did not apply Dr. Gail's Magic gel as instructed. I am a perfect testimonial because I have two injuries, one where I used the gel and one where I neglected to use the crème. And, the results are staggering. I give Dr. Gail's Magionic gel my highest recommendation. I frequently use it on zits and acne scars. I use it on my horse’s cuts and infections. This product has yet to disappoint me. It also gives me ease knowing its 100% natural and I am not putting chemicals onto my open wounds. You will just have to try this product to believe it. It stings a little at first, but the sting disappears completely after a few seconds! Again…this is the best stuff I have ever encountered! I highly recommend it. GREAT PRODUCT! 5 STARS! Dr.Gail, we need more pioneers and inventors like you!


I went to see Dr. Gail because I had an infected cyst on my right breast.

The dermatologist couldn't see me for a week so I decided to see Gail and I'm glad I did! I've had this problem before and I usually go to the dermatologist and get an injection into the cyst which is very painful.

Dr. Gail gave me the Magionic Gel and I began to apply it to the cyst. I applied it 4 times a day for the first few days then at least twice a day thereafter. The red area surrounding the cyst immediately went away and then the cyst itself started shrinking in size daily. Now even the skin sensitivity is gone as well.

I would definitely recommend the Magical Dr. Gail's Magionic Gel to others and plan to use it forever.

-Maryanne T. Cape May, N.J.

I am a true advocate of Dr. Gail’s Magionic Gel! Why? In June, I had an eyebrow lift which resulted in excessive swelling and bruising of the facial area below my eyes. I applied the gel to this area 3-6 times daily. When I returned to the doctor’s office six days later, he and the entire office staff were amazed with the reduction of swelling and bruising in these facial areas. They all stated that they had never seen a patient look “that good” less than one week after surgery. To further attest to the amazing qualities of ionic silver, I used Dr. Gail’s Ionic Silver Water to regularly clean the incision sites on my scalp and eyelids. Again, the doctor and his staff were impressed with how the incisions were rapidly healing and how the bruising and swelling of my eyelids were majorly reduced – all in six days. Did I continue to use the gel and water? I certainly did and totally attribute the speed and success of my healing to these high quality, natural, and amazing ionic silver products that Dr. Gail creates. Check out my pictures for further testimony!

-Eileen V. - Harrisburg, Pa.

I have a 6 year old daughter who fell and obtained a deep cut/scratch to her right cheek. I immediately put your Magionic Gel on her cut and she did not cry or tell me it stung. I continued to put your Magionic Gel on her cheek twice a week for one week and WOW... it was gone... I was so concerned that the cut/scratch would scab or leave a scar on her little face. But to my surprise, it just shrunk and shrunk and then it was gone. No scab No scar... I am more than thrilled. Today it completely gone, like it never happened.

I was so impressed with your gel; I purchased another jar of Magionic Gel and gave it to my daughter to use for herself and for my granddaughter who is 10 months old.

My daughter called me and she was so excited.. she told me my granddaughter developed a rash due to the heat of the summer and my daughter immediately put the gel on her. When she went to change her two hours later... it was GONE...

Thanks so much for creating this product and I will be a user forever.

-Sue B.