Ionic Silver Water w/ Optional Essential Oils


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Dr. Gail’s Magionic Natural Ionic Silver Solution is much like colloidal silver but even better. Our Natural Ionic Silver Solution is better for many reasons. First of all, it looks, smells, and tastes like regular drinking water (totally clear.) This is important because dark colored, metallic tasting and smelling colloidal silver makes it difficult to drink and use due to its appearance as well as the strong flavor.

Magionic Natural Ionic Silver Solution (Magionic N.I.S.S) maintains a standard of approximately 10 parts per million (PPM). We not only test our own samples but also submitted those same samples to an independent and objective certified scientific laboratory. We believe that either silvers (colloid or ionic) can be taken orally- both under the tongue and swallowed. The difference is that our silver not only has the PPM but it also has the elevated conductivity as well as being more alkaline in its pH. It has been reported that the less acidic and the more pH is toward 7 (neutral to alkaline) the more the silver becomes active in the body, thus the more bio-available and effective it is. In addition to these facts, we believe in utilizing what’s know as the “saturation effect”, which means that enough of the silver liquid is consumed initially and then followed up in small doses and in frequent intervals afterwards, so as to significantly improve the effect on both the blood stream and the gastrointestinal tract. This is the not case in other silver products that are recommending just a few drops under the tongue as being sufficient.

The reason our product is clear is because it is ionic, since colloids are a larger particle size (and usually dark), those larger particles turn the water brown, making it taste and smell bad. Once inside the body, larger particle sizes are more difficult to assimilate into the cells, thus rendering them less effective (which is both wasteful and costly). In some cases such as with poorly manufactured home devices, these larger particles may also cause argyria (aka blue man syndrome.)

It does not take much of the Magionic N.I.S.S to get positive results and benefits. Our Natural Ionic Silver Solution is a natural mineral supplement that improves overall biological energy, health and well-being.

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