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Magionic has created a new and even better version of Carbon (C60) then is what is out there and available online today. C60 is an amazing healing product that has many beneficial effects on the human body, which by the way is for its hardness, stability and beauty. Many people do not know that all stones, rock, gem stones, crystals all can be found on earth (in various places-countries here) and also in outer space. They all originated from out there and then crashed here on earth as meteors etc. and thanks to time and high heat have thus produced these amazing stones, rocks, formations that are both helpful and healthful to us humans.

Once pulled/mined from the earth, C60 must be processed in a lab and “cleaned up” for use in the final powdered product that is combined with oil (of some sort) and then manufactured into the final product you can buy known as C60. This manufacturing process takes much time, care and thoughtfulness as well as love and respect for what is being produced.

We here at Magionic wanted to take a God given Magical product and make it even more Magical. So we found a way how to do that. With much thought and healing experience both personally and professionally, we have combined additional science and technology to this process and have created even better C60 and without ever altering the original carbon 60 matrix or sacred geometry. We have hyper charged and imprinted certain healthful frequencies into the product during the processing phases, creating an even better and more powerfully effective final MagioniC60 product. This is what makes our MagioniC60 so unusual and so great. We think you will feel the same way after you experience MagioniC60.

The following is a general list of what C60 is known to do within the human body. This list will be added to over time as many people will have different experiences themselves as compared to others. To begin with C60 binds with free flowing electrons in the body known as free radicals which cause oxidation and oxidative stress in the body (tissues) leading to many well known dis-eases. This basic and simple process is a major healthful benefit and if that were the only thing it did….then that alone would be HUGE. But C60 does way more than just service as an anti-oxidant. Another benefit of C60 is anti-aging as a result of it being an anti- oxidant as well as making you feel good with some people claiming that they “feel more spiritual” and “closer to God” or “connected to source”. Some other benefits to this amazing product is improving memory, eliminating brain fog, improved focus ability, more energy and increased motivation. It appears to really help with neural functioning with enhancing brain functioning and thought processing while increasing creativity naturally and effortlessly.

Many report feeling calmer, less stressed and more emotionally energetically balanced, while at the same time wanting to avoid negative people and situations (which included doing negative things to self such as drugs or drinking). Well I guess all that makes sense when you realize that we humans are all carbon based beings to begin with….just seems like it is support of US! Another unique benefit of C60 is that it reduces and then eliminates radiation stress as well as cell phone/cell tower/man made EMF stress quickly and easily.

This product can be taken with any other supplemental program, detoxification regiment or drugs because it does not interact, interfere or enhance them. There are absolutely no negative side effects only positive effects. It’s also easy to take…a simple dropper of the oil in your mouth…it can even be taken with food or alone as it does not have any real taste…just an oily substance in the briefly placed in the mouth or under the tongue.

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